What Is Energy Magick?

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Stylish energy magick practitioner with an overwhelming aura

Energy magick is the practice of manipulating energies to achieve specific outcomes. It is a powerful and ancient art that has been used for centuries to bring about desired results. The ability to control and create energy allows practitioners to influence their environment in ways both subtle and profound, from self-healing (via bioenergy therapy) to energizing themselves. Though it may seem like something out of fantasy, energy magick is authentic and can be practiced by anyone with the right knowledge and techniques. In this article, we will explore what energy magick is, its benefits, and how to practice it safely, as well as essential tools and tips for beginners.

Overview of Energy Magick

By understanding how energy and its manipulation can be applied, one can gain insight into the power of magick. Energy magick is an ancient practice that relies on harnessing and redirecting energy (also called ki, qi, or chi) to achieve desired outcomes. It is believed that by honing one’s own energetic field through deep meditation practice and other forms of mental discipline training, it can be used to influence the physical realm or even to manifest desired events or experiences. In this way, energy magick is a tool for personal transformation and growth.

The use of energy magick requires knowledge of the principles of universal laws that govern the flow of qi, as well as being aware of subtle energies within oneself and those around us. By using these principles in tandem with focused intentionality and visualization techniques, practitioners are able to channel their desires outward in order to create change in the physical world. As such, energy magick has been used throughout history by many cultures for healing purposes as well as for creating beneficial life changes or drawing positive influences into their lives.

Energy magick works by tapping into natural sources such as cosmic rays or divine forces in order to direct one’s intention toward achieving certain goals. To do this successfully requires focus on both inner self-awareness and outer awareness – being mindful of not only one’s own thoughts but also taking notice of potential obstacles outside oneself that could block progress toward achieving the goal. It is also important when practicing energy magick not just to focus on what you wish to attract into your life but also to take steps toward actively pursuing it through actionable means.

Furthermore, learning how to properly use energy magick also includes developing an understanding of protective aura manipulation – shielding yourself from negative energies or influences while still allowing beneficial ones through – so that nothing unwanted seeps into your aura and disrupts your work energies. This involves learning about various protective symbols such as runes or sigils which can be used during meditation sessions or other practices involving visualization techniques in order to safeguard against any potential ill effects associated with manipulating qi the wrong way by accident. With these tools at hand, practitioners are empowered with the knowledge needed for mastering the art of manipulating energies according to their will and intentions.

Note: Regardless of one’s beliefs, it is possible to develop a feeling of radiance in the adept’s body no matter if they follow a scientific or esoteric paradigm. There are exercises that are based on bringing one’s hands slowly closer to each and then moving them apart several times unless one is able to sense their auric field. Most people report weird sensations coming from the fingers and/or palms despite their hands not touching other after just a few weeks of practice.

Benefits of Practicing Energy Magick

Energy magick is a practice that can be used to enhance one’s ability to manifest their goals and also improve their emotional and mental health. It has been proven to be an effective tool for improving focus, clarity, energy levels, and resilience in the face of stress. Furthermore, energy magick has been shown to help individuals develop healthier relationships with themselves and others by providing them with a greater understanding of their own energetic field. By learning how to manipulate their energy through this practice, practitioners are able to attain more powerful results in terms of manifestation and improved wellbeing.

Fun fact: Even the most skeptical people can benefit from energy manipulation as the placebo effect is real and well-documented by modern science. If one follows a rather skeptical system but manages to convince themselves that the practice is producing results, the effects will still be there. Besides, practices like visualization, breath control, relaxation strategies, and other techniques that are used in conjunction with energy manipulation practice can decrease stress levels, improve focus, mental clarity, creativity, and attention span.

Improve Your Manifestation Abilities

The improvement of manifestation abilities is an important topic in the realm of energy work. Visualization techniques are integral for success in this area, as they can help to create powerful images that can draw upon the subconscious mind and influence it into action. For example, when manifesting something one may start by visualizing what it will look like with great clarity and attention to detail. This type of visualization can be enhanced further by utilizing sacred spaces and other spiritual rituals such as prayer or advanced meditation techniques.

In addition to visualization techniques, energy magick also relies on a strong belief system which involves believing in yourself and the power you have within you to bring about whatever it is that you wish to manifest. This requires faith that your intentions are valid and achievable; without this faith, it will be difficult to manifest anything at all. It is said that individuals must maintain focus on their goals while using the power of their thoughts and emotions to direct energy toward them. This means remaining mindful of the desired outcome at all times and allowing oneself to feel passionate about achieving success in whatever endeavor they are undertaking.

Useful advice: If you find it hard to believe in the power of cosmic energy, you can treat the process of implementing thought-forms in your auric field as an attempt to reprogram your subconscious mind. Mapping practices based on a “foreign” system to the one you use defaultly, typically results in better outcomes. Also, perceiving the exercises as merely more creative forms of what have you already been doing has a great potential to reduce your mental resistance when experimenting with new techniques.

Enhance Your Emotional and Mental Health

Enhancing emotional and mental health can be a powerful tool for manifesting desired outcomes, as it allows individuals to tap into their inner strength and cultivate an optimistic outlook. Energy magick can be one of the most effective methods for achieving this outcome (if used correctly), as its practice can help individuals develop self-awareness and hone their intuition. Through energy magick, one can learn to recognize their emotional states and gain insights into how they interact with the environment around them.

Techniques that are based on energy magick are:

  • Bioenergy therapy techniques (e.g. Reiki)
  • Ki/qi/chi meditation
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Astral magick
  • Ritualistic practices that involve working with energies rather than entities

Regardless of the chosen form, when used correctly, consistent practice of mentioned techniques can improve one’s emotional and mental health by balancing out their life, decreasing stress levels, improving mood, enhancing vitality, and introducing favorable mindset changes.

Additional information: Energy manipulation requires a calm state of mind, focus, preciseness, and a long attention span. By practicing this type of magick, you will be gradually improving the above-mentioned abilities as well as reducing your overall stress levels as most types of meditative practices have the potential to reduce one’s cortisol levels and improve their overall mental wellbeing.

How to Practice Energy Magick?

Unlocking your astral energies: qi meditation

Harnessing the power of intention, one can tap into unseen forces to manifest desired results. Energy magick utilizes various techniques such as meditation, visualization, focus, and ritualistic actions to send out powerful energy waves with intent. By properly understanding and utilizing these tools effectively, an individual can use the power of qi to influence their reality in a desired way.

But energy magick is much more than just visualizing what you want or conducting a ritual – it involves tapping into our deeper spiritual selves by developing a connection with our higher power that can serve as a divine source of guidance. Through regular practice, an individual can build up a strong connection that allows them to access even greater depths of knowledge and insight. This connection also helps us develop a better understanding of ourselves on an emotional level, allowing us to become more grounded in our beliefs and intentions during practice.

The key element necessary for successful energy magick is focus – the ability to concentrate on your intention while sending out waves of energy toward it. In order for your spellwork or rituals to be effective, this requires focusing all of your attention on yourself rather than outwardly looking at the external environment or situations you are attempting to influence. Visualization must be strong and clear; before you proceed to ritualistic activities, you must first develop the ability to clearly sense your own auric field and the energy within, and also be able to manipulate them with ease. You can learn this by going through my book “The Secrets of Meditation” which contains instructions on how to start a basic meditation practice and swiftly move to advanced techniques as you gain more proficiency.

Finally, ritualistic actions help create a sense of connection between oneself and the universe by reinforcing chosen intentions through tangible actions like lighting candles or using herbs during spell work. These acts remind us that we are not alone in our pursuits; instead, we have access to limitless sources of support from beyond ourselves which will aid us in bringing about desired outcomes through our efforts.

Protip: Before you move on to structured rituals, it is advised to master the skill of energy manipulation while in a meditative state. Techniques that can be incorporated for this purpose are visualization and bioenergy therapy. Learning how to harness your own inner power while staying still first, will come in handy when you try to replicate the process while moving. Therefore, I would first recommend learning to sense and manipulate the energy at will in meditation, and only then move to ritualistic practice that includes the use of additional equipment and body movements.

Helpful Tools for Practicing Energy Magick

The practice of Energy magick involves the use of various tools. Crystals and stones are foundational elements that can be used for storing certain energies, candles are important for setting intentions and creating the right atmosphere, incense is used to invoke the desired emotions and bring a specific mood into the practice,  while herbs can be burned (or smoked if you know what I mean), and oils can be used to anoint oneself. All these tools have their own unique energies that can be harnessed in order to bring about desired results. It is essential to become familiar with each tool and its properties in order to effectively use them during practice.

A piece of advice: The tools mentioned below are to be treated as helpful aid rather than necessity. Since we are into energy magick (which is closely related to astral magick), we can also use astral pieces of equipment that are created by simply visualizing them. If you want to try this technique, I would first advise you to “build” a single piece of equipment during deep meditation practice and then recall it several times before you decide to use it in any rituals. Also, don’t be afraid to use imitations, e.g. a piece of paper with a certain tool printed on it. Such “replicas” can be hung on a wall and kept for reuse purposes or dismissed after they are no longer needed.

Crystals and Stones

Through the use of crystals and stones, one can draw on the natural vibrations they emit to spark a desired effect, likened to a pebble creating ripples in a pond. Crystals and stones are important tools as they allow practitioners to store the energies within them and facilitate visualization techniques so they can be used more effectively. These tools can be used for absorbing and transmuting energies within their environment, making them ideal for energy storage, cleansing, and amplification.

The power of crystals and stones is believed to come from their unique atomic structure which creates particular vibrational frequencies that are said to aid in healing, balance, protection, insight, clarity of thought, and other aspects related to personal growth. Each crystal has its own set of properties that may correspond with an individual’s needs or desires; therefore it is important to recognize what type of stone best suits the intention before beginning the practice of energy magick.


Candles have long been used as tools to achieve the desired outcome, often involving the manipulation of energy in order to manifest an intended result. Candle magick is an ancient form of ritual and spell casting that has been widely practiced for ages. Candles are seen as a powerful source of energy, providing both light and warmth in a spiritually symbolic way. This energy can be tapped into and harnessed with the help of certain crystals or stones, herbs, colors, inscriptions, symbols, and words (e.g. through using Ouranian-Barbaric language).

The use of candles in spell-casting has deep roots in many different faiths and cultures around the world. Depending on an individual’s spiritual beliefs or preferences they may choose to light candles as part of their rituals to bring about desired changes or increase their personal power. Some people may also use different colored candles depending on their intent: red for power; black for dark shit work; white for purity; yellow for creativity; green for success; blue for wisdom; purple/violet for spirituality among other uses. On top of that, scented candles may be chosen to enhance the experience by creating a more calming atmosphere suitable for meditation or contemplation.


Incense is often burned in combination with candles to create a more powerful and meaningful ritual experience. Burning incense can be an important part of the energy magick practice, offering an array of benefits that include:

  • Aromatic Cleansing: Incense is traditionally used in smudging ceremonies to purify and cleanse spaces for energy work.
  • Connecting to Spiritual Planes: Incense burning can help elevate practitioners’ awareness and attune them to higher realms of consciousness.
  • Enhancing Focus: Fragrant incenses are used by many practitioners to help them stay focused during rituals and meditations.
  • Nice Smell: Yes, they smell nice.

When it comes to energy magick, using incense rituals can add depth and power to any practice. In addition, the use of fragrances helps practitioners connect with their subconscious desires for personal power, while allowing them to remain mindful during their practices.

Herbs and Oils

Herbal and oil-based rituals can provide an effective alternative to the energy work of traditional candle magick, while still offering a powerful connection to spiritual realms. By using herbs and oils that have specific properties associated with them, practitioners can create unique blends for their rituals that are tailored to the desired outcome. Oils are often used as a way to amplify the power of other ingredients in a spell or ritual, and by blending different herbs together with oils it is possible to create powerful mixtures that can be used in energy work. For example, some popular herb properties include protection from negative energies or providing clarity and focus, while oil blends may contain ingredients such as jasmine or lavender for calming effects. By carefully selecting the right combination of herbs and oils, practitioners can use these tools to strengthen their energy magick spells and rituals. Besides, anything that has a smell stimulates the human brain and invokes memories, emotions, and moods associated with the smell—unless you suffer from anosmia, that is.

Safety Considerations

It is important to keep safety considerations in mind when engaging in activities related to energy magick. Before beginning any ritual or visualization technique, it is beneficial for beginners to take a few moments to sit and contemplate the potential risks associated with working with powerful energies. Among these are:

  1. Consider the Environment: Be mindful of the space that you will be using for your practice; ensure that it is both clean and comfortable. Think about who else may be present in the space and how they could be affected by your practice.
  2. Utilize Protection Rituals: Protection rituals can help create a barrier between yourself and any unwanted energies or influences from outside sources. This could involve calling upon spiritual forces, utilizing herbs or crystals, envisioning an energetic shield around yourself, or just having a strong belief in your hardcore occult skills that protect you 24/7 just because you’re so powerful, etc. I typically choose the last approach ;].
  3. Monitor Your Emotional State: It is also important to pay attention to one’s own emotional state during ritual work as strong emotions can increase the intensity of energy being worked with and create a potentially dangerous situation if not managed properly. If feeling overwhelmed or out of control at any point during a ritual, take some time away from practice before continuing on with further work. To put it simply, your doings may turn out to be too powerful when you’re under the influence of extreme anger.

In addition to taking these steps prior to performing energy magick practices, it is always recommended that one consult experienced practitioners for advice when engaging in this type of work as there are many nuances involved that cannot all be addressed within this brief overview. However, with proper preparation and, satisfying results can still be achieved while staying safe throughout all stages of practice.

Important information: If you are a beginner, I’d say you better start off with simple energy cleansing practices as trying to work with powerful forces straight away may lead to unintended negative effects such as hallucinations, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, involuntary muscle movement, unrest, anxiety, and irrational fear. Remember that even if you don’t directly believe in qi, you can still cause your body to release hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, etc. These hormones can directly after your heart rate and cause shaking as well as muscle spasms (and other undesired symptoms). The effects are similar to being in a life-threatening situation. This is because your brain does not distinguish between visualized and real events.

Tips for Beginners

Utilizing specific scents, plants, and visualizations, energy magick can be effectively explored by beginners. These new practitioners can benefit from enhanced motivation and deepened focus when using additional tools. Achieving desired outcomes with energy magick requires the beginner to understand fundamentals such as principles of manifestation, grounding techniques for protection and focus, and methods for inducing trance-like states in order to tap into higher levels of consciousness.

ScentsStrengthen specific moods
PlantsSome plants allow for connection with powerful energies upon consumption
VisualizationAmplify intention

The key to successful energy magick is practice. Setting up an altar or sacred space in one’s home is essential for creating a safe physical environment conducive to performing rituals. This altar should include items that are meaningful to the practitioner such as symbols of deities they may want to invoke or crystals associated with their intentions. Once the basics are established it is important for beginners to gain experience through trial and error while keeping safety considerations in mind at all times. As practitioners become more proficient they will be able to explore more advanced forms of energy work such as astral projection or working with servitors, chakras, or spirit guides.

The journey of mastering energy magick takes time but can provide great rewards along the way if approached in a mindful manner. It is important for beginners not only to learn about the theory but also to get comfortable with experimentation under guidance if needed from experienced teachers or mentors who can provide feedback on progress made.

Note: Begin with simple breathing meditations and cleansing visualizations. Gradually move on to sensing your aura and manipulating your energetic field. As you get proficient with this, get familiar with chakra meditation or introduce practices like Tai Chi or Qigong to master your energy flow further. Within a couple of months of practice, you should be able to sense qi around you and within you.


Energy meditation: a man awakening his kundalini

Energy magick is the practice of manipulating one’s own energy, as well as external energies, to achieve desired outcomes. Practicing energy magick can have many benefits, such as greater self-awareness, improved control over one’s mind and body, and improved focus, as well as vitality. To begin practicing this form of magick, it is important to first understand how magick works. By setting specific goals and using techniques such as visualization or ritual practices, anyone can start their journey into the world of energy magick.

The key to successful energy magick lies in developing a strong connection with one’s inner energies through intentional practice. As one learns how to tap into and manipulate these energies, they will find that coincidences become more frequent – signaling that their actions are manifesting results in their lives.

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