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„Strong willpower is the foundation for a strong body”

My name is Daniel Domaradzki and I am a strength coach

My mission is to help you increase your strength levels and mental power. I specialise in helping athletes discover their full potential by teaching them how to elicit the hidden power of their bodies and minds. I achieve that through my special system of strength training exercises and mental conditioning protocols which allowed me to produce countless professional athletes and numerous champions. I believe the mind and body union can get people much farther than focusing solely on a single factor. I can help you increase your strength and power on the physical and mental planes by using my unique system that incorporates training with weights and applying ancient meditation techniques to help you become better at any sport. 

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They describe the strength training methods I use to program the workouts of my athletes, how I periodise workouts in the long run, what special techniques I use and most importantly, why and when I use them.

These materials will allow you to gain an essential understanding of the subject and immerse yourself in the world of strength training and mental conditioning so you can become a better coach and athlete.

The guides are designed using a special strategy which allows me to compress all the information into just a couple of dozen pages which means you get the same knowledge with less reading time. I do that because I respect your time and I know that you are here for the raw knowledge and not the fillers.


I can help you increase your physical strength and mental power

Are you into strongman, powerlifting, pumping your muscles, body-weight training, improving health and sport-related performance? I will help you get there regardless of your age, gender or strength levels. The only thing I require from you is dedication.

As a strength and conditioning coach, I can help you increase your strength and power, boost your metabolism, enhance your conditioning, cognitive function and improve your health. My role is to make sure you end up with drastically improved performance and I will help you get there without tedious aerobic exercise. I use high-intensity training protocols to help you become better at your sport regardless if you’re a fan of Olympic lifts, bodyweight exercises, gym exercises, power training or if you’re into powerlifting and compete within the International Powerlifting Federation. The strength training exercises I prescribe will boost your sport-related performance, enhance your ability to produce force, enlarge your muscles, increase your movement control, and improve your overall fitness levels. In a nutshell, I will turn your body into a merciless war machine that will protect you from injuries regardless of your age or whether you have access to professional equipment or not.

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I offer you my services and experience so you can rest assured that I will go with you through any exercise you are trying to learn, teach you the details of efficient movement, help you pack on rock-solid muscle, build a magma-hot body (even if you want to achieve that with just bodyweight exercises), improve your health and educate you on the principles of strength training and mental conditioning.

If you want to build a massive squat, we will start by increasing your leg strength and follow a unique strength training protocol step by step, to ensure that no principles are omitted and you are ready to dominate your next powerlifting competition. If you want to visit me in person and learn the basics, I will invite you to work with me and teach you how to squat, bench, and deadlift. I will show you how to use professional equipment, how to prepare your body for the upcoming competition and point out all the details you need to know to get better at lifting weights.

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Want to lift heavy weights and compete in strongman or powerlifting? I will help you develop monstrous strength!
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Want to get better at your sport? I will use strength training methods that will make you better week by week!
Want to become a more knowledgeable trainer? I will present you every single movement you need to know as a coach to make your clients exercise efficiently.
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