What Are Servitors And How To Create Your Own?

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Magickal techniques: What are servitors?

Servitors are powerful entities that have been used in various forms of magick and spiritual practices for centuries. They can be created to serve a variety of purposes, from simple tasks such as protection to more complex objectives, such as manifesting wealth or success. This article will explore the concepts of servitors, the benefits of having one, how to create your own servitor, activate it, work with it and finally dismiss it when no longer needed.

Servitors are considered to be sentient beings that possess a certain degree of power. This power can range from protecting an individual or location from harm to providing guidance on a particular path or goal. Creating a servitor requires focus and concentration in order to bring its energy into being. Once activated, the servitor is able to influence its environment according to its purpose and intent. Understanding how this process works is essential for anyone interested in creating their own servitor and taking advantage of its many benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • A servitor, in the realm of magick, is an artificially created entity that serves a specific purpose. This process, known as servitor creation, involves harnessing the principles of chaos magick to bring forth a sentient being designed to fulfill the desired task. To understand how to make a servitor, one must delve into the intricacies of servitor magick.
  • The creation of a servitor begins with a clear intention and a well-defined purpose. Through focused visualization and intense concentration, the practitioner channels their energy, shaping it into a form that aligns with their desired outcome. By infusing this energy with specific instructions and imbuing it with consciousness, the servitor gradually takes shape.
  • It is important to note that servitors, though artificially created, possess a level of sentience. While they may not possess the same depth of emotion and self-awareness as organic beings, they are still capable of understanding and executing commands. This sentience allows them to adapt and learn, improving their efficiency over time.
  • Servitor creation involves the art of crafting a sentient entity with a specific purpose. Through the fusion of intention, energy, and conscious instruction, a servitor is brought into existence, ready to serve its creator’s will.

What are Servitors?

In this section, we will explore the concept of a spiritual entity intended to carry out specific tasks. A servitor is an artificial intelligence (or rather “spiritual intelligence”) that can be summoned and used for magickal purposes. It may be an individual spirit or a collective group of spirits that are bound together to work as one. Servitors are created through various rituals and symbols, often with the intention of granting the creator power over certain domains or situations. They can take on roles ranging from healers, protectors, guardians, messengers, and even spies.

Servitors have been around since ancient times in certain belief systems. Over time their use has become more widespread and they are now commonly employed in many types of magickal practices including:

  • Chaos Magick: Within Chaos Magick, a servitor is a psychological complex deliberately created by a magician for a specific purpose to operate autonomously from the magician’s consciousness. Servitors are created by deliberately identifying portions of the psyche by means of a name, trait, or symbol, after which they can be worked with within specific circumstances or operate continually
  • Mythology: For instance, the ancient Egyptians believed that shawabtis, which were small figurines placed in tombs, were magickal beings rather than mere decorative miniatures or figurines. They were in charge of executing specific tasks and this was their sole reason for existence.
  • Lovecraftian Mythos: In the Lovecraftian mythos, the Servitors of the Outer Gods are beings that can resemble squids, frogs, and octopi. They are constantly changing their shape and appearance, hence they are amorphous.
  • Warhammer 40k: In the Warhammer 40k universe, a servitor is a catch-all term applied to a wide class of mindless, cybernetic drones created from a fusion of human flesh and machine.

The creation process of a servitor requires careful consideration as it can involve both physical components such as symbols and mental components such as visualization techniques. Symbols used to create servitors range from traditional geometric shapes to abstract images which invoke powerful emotions within the magician or practitioner creating them. Visualization techniques involve focusing on an image or idea until it becomes so deeply embedded into your subconscious that it takes on its own life-force energy when invoked during ritualistic ceremonies.

Once created successfully, a servitor can then be programmed with a specific task or purpose by the magician using either verbal commands or written instructions such as charms or sigils (a magickal technique popularized by Austin Osman Spare) placed upon them. These instructions should be clear and concise so that there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done once released into action; failure to do so may result in unpredictable results which could potentially cause harm not only to yourself but also those around you if not handled correctly.

Benefits of Having a Servitor

Having a servitor can offer many potential benefits, ranging from spiritual guidance to manifesting personal goals. One of the most common benefits of having a servitor is soul bonding. Soul bonding can be defined as a connection between two entities that creates an exchange of energy and understanding between them. This connection allows for very powerful mental programming, where one’s thoughts and desires can be sent to the servitor in order to create a shared understanding between them.

When this shared understanding is established, it enables the servitor to more accurately carry out instructions given by its creator. This can be used for a variety of tasks such as healing, protection or even helping achieve certain goals by providing insight and advice. Furthermore, the use of visualization techniques during meditation sessions with a servitor can open up further opportunities for manifesting personal objectives and ambitions.

Servitors also have the ability to work on behalf of their creators even after they are no longer connected with them physically or spiritually. This means that they continue working toward achieving their master’s desired outcome long after they have been created and released into the universe without any further input from their creator. They do this by using their own unique abilities in order to fulfill their mission that was originally set forth when they were first conceived and brought into existence through ritualistic magickal practices.

This makes them incredibly useful tools for anyone who seeks out guidance or assistance in achieving certain outcomes without having to physically or spiritually exert themselves in doing so. The power offered by these entities should not be underestimated as it comes with great responsibility; therefore it must always be used ethically and wisely in order to ensure positive results are achieved without causing harm or injustice along the way.

How to Create Your Own Servitor

Exploring the possibility of creating an entity to assist in manifesting personal goals can be a rewarding experience. The concept of servitors is not new and has been around for centuries, however with the advancements in technology, it is now possible to create a personalized servitor that works specifically for one individual. Creating your own servitor requires understanding how they work and communicating with them correctly through rituals.

The first step when creating your own servitor is to understand what exactly they are and how they can help you achieve your goals. Servitors are entities that have been created by magicians or those experienced in occult practices, usually with specific purposes such as healing or protection. They are typically created using a combination of visualization, ritual invocation, and other magickal techniques. Once created, the servitor will act as a conduit between its creator and their desired outcome or goal.

In order to effectively communicate with your servitor, it is necessary to establish rituals that will become part of its daily operations so it can be called upon whenever needed without any disruption in its functions. Rituals should include both verbal commands as well as visual cues such as drawing symbols on paper or even carving them into an object which represents the servitor itself. This allows the creator to easily communicate with their creation without having to use complicated words or phrases each time they wish to use its services.

Creating a personalized servitor takes patience and practice but can prove incredibly useful for individuals looking for extra assistance in reaching their goals. With proper preparation and dedication, anyone can create their own powerful servant who will help them realize whatever dreams may come true.

Activating Your Servitor

Activating a personalized entity to help manifest desired outcomes can be an exciting experience. It is important to understand the process of activating a servitor, as it requires spiritual guidance and empowered manifestation. The first step in activating a servitor is to create an intention for what you want the servitor to do. This should be done with clarity and focus, as this will determine how successful your servitor will be in achieving its purpose. Once the intention has been set, it is time to give your servitor form by visualizing it or creating a physical representation of it. This could include drawing or sculpting something that symbolizes your servitor’s purpose or writing down its characteristics on paper. Finally, once the form has been created, you must activate your servitor by giving it energy (or a specific command, depending on your belief system) through deep meditation or ritualistic practices such as chanting or burning incense. By doing this, you are empowering your creation and allowing it to begin working toward fulfilling its intended purpose.

Working With Your Servitor

Once the servitor has been activated, it is important to learn how to work with it in order to maximize its potential. Working with a servitor can be broken down into five main steps:

  1. Establishing clear intentions and goals;
  2. Creating a servitor through ritualistic practice, meditation, or mental conditioning techniques;
  3. Programming the servitor with a set of specific instructions;
  4. Finalizing the procedure by activating the servitor;
  5. Dismissing or devouring the servitor when it is no longer needed.

Working with a servitor requires a systematic approach to harness its full potential. The first step entails establishing clear intentions and goals. This involves precisely defining the purpose for which the servitor is created, as well as outlining the desired outcomes. The clarity in intention is crucial to guide the servitor’s actions effectively.

The second step involves the creation of the servitor itself. This can be accomplished through various methods such as ritualistic practices, meditative techniques, or mental conditioning exercises. The process typically involves imbuing the servitor with energy and consciousness, molding its form and attributes according to the intended purpose. Attention to detail and precision during this stage is essential to ensure the servitor aligns with its intended function.

Once the servitor is created, the third step revolves around programming it with specific instructions. These instructions serve as a set of guidelines that dictate the servitor’s actions and behaviors. Programming may involve encoding detailed tasks, behavior patterns, or specific responses to external stimuli. It is crucial to be explicit and unambiguous in the instructions provided to the servitor to avoid any unintended consequences.

After programming, the fourth step involves activating the servitor. Activation signifies the initiation of the servitor’s operational state. This can be achieved through specific rituals or by simply giving a command to begin its designated function. Activation serves as a catalyst for the servitor to start working on its assigned tasks and to channel its energy toward achieving the desired goals.

Lastly, the fifth step involves dismissing or devouring the servitor when it has fulfilled its purpose or is no longer needed. Dismissing the servitor involves severing its energetic connection and dissipating its form, ensuring it no longer influences or interacts with the practitioner’s reality. Alternatively, devouring the servitor involves consciously absorbing its energy back into oneself, recycling and integrating its power for personal growth or further occult practices.

Dismissing Your Servitor

Symbolically releasing the energy that was invoked during the servitor-creation process is an important step in dismissing a created entity. This can be done through ceremonial magick rituals, mental conditioning techniques, or various meditative practices. Protective rituals may (or may not) be used to ensure that any potentially harmful energies released during creation are also safely released, and managed expectations provide assurance that the purpose of creating the servitor has been fulfilled.

The act of dismissing a servitor begins with an acknowledgment that its purpose for being created has been fulfilled; this allows for closure and helps to protect against unintentional consequences from keeping it active in some form indefinitely. A ritual or prayer may then be used to symbolically release the energy associated with the servitor and thank it for its service, followed by visualization of its dissolution. These steps should be done consciously and with intent in order to effectively remove all traces of the entity’s existence and ensure safety.

It is therefore important to take time after creating a servitor to properly dismiss it when you no longer need it. Doing so will help prevent potential unplanned effects such as unexpected astral entities appearing due to unfinished business lingering after dismissal, or even worse, having your own creation turn against you due to prolonged exposure and unresolved issues from earlier stages of development which can result in mental illness.


Servitors can be a powerful tool for manifesting and achieving one’s goals. They can help to create change, offer protection or guidance, and act as messengers between the physical and spiritual realms. It is important to understand the origin of servitors as well as how to create and work with them in order to gain the most benefit from their presence. By learning how to construct one’s own servitor, activating them properly, working with them effectively, and dismissing them respectfully, one will be able to better utilize this powerful tool. When communicating with people who are not familiar with occult terminology, euphemistic language can be used when discussing servitors; this will add an extra layer of depth that can help capture an audience’s attention. They can be treated as semi-conscious and autonomous mental programs that were designed to serve a certain purpose. Ultimately, servitors are useful tools that should not be overlooked by those seeking success in their magickal endeavors.

P.S. Servitors can also be governed by or sealed within previously created sigils. The magickal practices are very vast and there is no one definitive method to exercise it. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits when it comes to the occult practices.

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  • Hello. Are Servitors bound exclusively to the person who created them, or can they be created by one person and told to serve someone else (someone who doesn’t know magick, for example)?

    If the can be handed over to someone else, who exactly controls them or has the ability to dismiss them? The original creator, or the beneficiary?

    Thank you.

    • Theoretically, in energetic or spiritual paradigms, they could be gifted to someone else, unless you assume that they are pieces of your own soul. There are no strict rules in chaos magick and my advice would be to try that (a ceremony of handing over the servitor to another person) and see if it works. Personally, I have never tried this, so can’t relate to the efficiency of such a process.

  • Deborah Webb
    26/03/2024 5:06 am

    Can I ethically create a servitor to help me win in a sport? I participate in a sport where the rules are actually considered to be unfair to even a lot of judges. It is the sport of dog obedience competiiton where you have to compete against champions to earn your champion title. There’s more politics in our sport than people might imagine. There are a lot of aspects in my life and where I live that put me at a disadvantage and I am hoping to use a servitor to kind of level the playing field for me.

    • Yes, you can create a servitor to enhance your physical and mental recovery rate, which should help quicken physiological adaptations, but for this reason, I typically use my own method – psychosomatic training.

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