The Secrets of Meditation

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A complete digital guide to the secrets of meditation. This book is perfect for anyone who wishes to begin their meditation journey as it starts with the fundamentals and gradually takes the reader through more advanced techniques. From this text, you will find out how to achieve the state of trance, how to successfully apply breathing meditation techniques, how to work with chakras and qi flow, how to control the temperature of your body, enter the shamanic trance, and even apply mental acupressure techniques to relieve the tension from your body and soul and allow the healing processes to begin.



A Complete Meditation Guide for Beginners

Embark on a transformative journey through the mystical realms of meditation, qi, and shamanism with “The Secrets of Meditation”. This comprehensive guide offers a treasure trove of ancient wisdom, modern techniques, and groundbreaking insights that will help you unlock your true potential and experience profound spiritual growth.

In this captivating and enlightening book, you’ll discover:

  • The art of deep meditation and its myriad benefits for your mind, body, and spirit
  • The secrets of mastering your body’s vital energies, including qi, chakras, and Kundalini to enhance your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
  • The fascinating world of shamanism and how to access altered states of consciousness through shamanic trance and communication with guardian spirits
  • Techniques for releasing physical and emotional tension, allowing you to heal from within and overcome psychosomatic disorders
  • Step-by-step guides to various meditation practices, including temperature control, visualization, and energy work, designed to empower you on your spiritual journey

Wide Variety of Practices

This beautifully written and meticulously researched book draws from a diverse range of spiritual traditions and practices, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth and self-discovery. Once you read “The Secrets of Meditation” and begin to implement the practices within, your life will undergo a remarkable transformation, unveiling a new level of clarity, understanding, and inner strength.

Life-Changing Experience

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or just starting on your path, “The Secrets of Meditation” is an indispensable companion that will illuminate your way and open new horizons for exploration. Get ready to embark on a life-changing adventure and transform your life with the wisdom and guidance found in “The Secrets of Meditation”.

Order your copy now and take the first step toward a more connected, empowered, and enlightened existence that you never thought possible!

3 reviews for The Secrets of Meditation

  1. Sandra

    I like the way you describe the basic meditation techniques and slowly move on to the advanced ones. I found this book very helpful in learning how to meditate.

  2. Maurycy

    This book provides good overview on many meditation techniques.

  3. piotr

    Mr. Daniel’s selection of meditation techniques is presented here in a very clever way to give a student tangible results of the practice as soon as possible.

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