Explode Your Bench Press in 8 Weeks!


Beginner bench press guide that includes an 8-week training routine



Want to begin your strength journey?

Try My Basic 8-Week Beginner Bench Press Guide With a Training Routine That Will Get You Closer to Being Intermediate Faster Thank You Think!

This guide contains a basic training routine that is suitable for beginners. If you’ve just started training and want to learn a thing or two about benching and bring your numbers up, it will serve as a wonderful tool to help you get there! The book is based on the advice that I got from people such as Josh Bryant, Scot Mendelson, Stan Efferding, Andrei Sapozhonkov, and Andrzej “Wodyn” Roszkowski. It covers a 2-block training routine that intends to peak your strength levels in no time!

The Book Includes an 8-Week, Fully Periodised Training Program That Will Help You to Increase Your Size, Strength, and Power!

2 training blocks, 8 weeks – this is just enough time to meaningfully bring the bench numbers of every beginner up. You will be surprised how quickly can you increase your muscle mass and strength levels if you train correctly! All you have to do is follow the program which is, in fact, repeatable and that means you can go through it more than once and it will still be effective upon incorporating some minor adjustments. The guide is written in layman’s terms so you don’t have to worry that you won’t understand the principles. It’s simple, easy to follow, and powerful and that’s what every beginner needs to make a good start!


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