The Minimalist Approach

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Training guide that covers:

  • Basic training routine
  • Advanced training routine
  • A list of effective exercises
  • A description of special training techniques and overload techniques
  • A set of practical training cues and applications
  • All the instructions necessary to turn the knowledge into practice
  • BONUS chapter!


Learn the Secrets of Heavy Lifting and Discover the Training Strategies I Use With My Strongest Athletes

Developing this training approach took me more than a year of experimenting on myself and testing it on dozens of athletes. It covers the strategies I utilised while training the best of the best and the strongest of the strongest. All this knowledge has now been compressed into a single e-book that can be read and understood in just a single weekend. You will find nothing but the raw instructions, knowledge and stone-cold truth inside. The book covers practical applications and example routines you can use to train yourself and your athletes.

This Training Guide Describes Only the Most Efficient, Brutal and Hardcore Training Methods

No half measures, no bullshit, no fucking around. Only the pure, raw and brute strength. This routine will force you into training like a champion and making progress like a born athlete. Your sessions will be short, dense and intense. You will be done with your routine in 45 to 60 minutes after which your muscles will grow like mad and your strength levels will explode. In simple words, it will turn you into a nasty motherfucker, no holds barred.

The Minimalist Routine Is a Training Approach That Allowed My Athletes to Bench Over 5 Plates (220KG), Squat Over 7 Plates (300KG) And Pull Over 8 Plates (340KG)!

The book covers the basic routine, advanced routine, sample training programmes, a list of practical training applications, useful exercises and all the instructions regarding progression. You will get all this information in a single e-book that will allow you to start using the strategies straight away. All you have to do is read and implement.

3 reviews for The Minimalist Approach

  1. Bartłomiej

    Perfect ebook for strenght athlete !

  2. Marek

    Very helpful for a beginner or intermediate

  3. Mike Wazowski

    Great book for people that have no time

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