Bench Big


The guide contains:

  • A detailed strategy that allows you to create your own workout routine
  • All the information regarding the progression
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to properly periodise your bench macrocycle
  • Example training programmes
  • Sample progressions to last you for at least 3 blocks
  • Useful tips to enhance your programming efficacy and sports performance
  • Specific explanation and the reasoning behind the methods utilised

In the picture: Karol Prawdzik, European Bench Press Champion



Do you want to BENCH BIG?

Have you ever thought what would it be like to finally break your old bench PR and make your friends envy your strength?
Have you ever thought what would it be like to train like a professional athlete?
Have you ever dreamed about having arms the size of a watermelon?
Have you ever imagined that you would participate in a bench press competition and win your first gold medal?
And finally, have you ever realised that it’s not as hard as you think it is?

You Have Now the Chance to Break From the Scheme of Dreaming and Start Actually Reaching for Your Goals!

…but how?
This guide contains all the essential instructions, explanations and reasoning behind the advanced training methods that I use to train my athletes. It will allow you to get an unfair advantage over your competition and show you how to bench to get results.
Watch out though!
It’s not a motivational guide!
It’s a straightforward guide on how to MAKE PROGRESS!!!

The High-Density Method

The book is based on a method that allows you to complete your workouts in less than an hour. You will be training your upper body twice a week and each of the workouts is based on the advanced high-density techniques that enable you to completely annihilate your muscles in a matter of minutes! This way you can elicit desired morphological adaptions within mere minutes! No more 2-hour long workouts, no more counting how many more sets you have left to go and no more screwing around in the gym! Just get in, get the work done and get out!

So… You Wanna Bench Big or Not? What Is Your Answer?


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