Professional Bench Press Templates


Professional Bench Press Template Set includes:

  • Professional Bench Volume Cycle
  • Professional Bench Peaking Cycle

Each cycle lasts 12 weeks and consists of 3 separate blocks

in the picture: Karol Prawdzik, European Bench Press Champion



Train Like a Professional Athlete With This Set of Bench Press Templates!

This bundle of bench press templates includes 2 professionally pre-programmed bench cycles. They have been designed the same way I program for my athletes. To put it simply, they are the same programs I have used or would use with my competitive athletes who bench over 200kg and win a shit tonne of competitions. One of my athletes, Tomasz Zakrzewski, bench pressed 225kg using my style of programming. Acquiring this bundle allows you to train just like him and other pro lifters and get an idea of what is it like to have a professionally structured program. You can use them to build a solid foundation first and then peak for a meet. Upon completing both cycles, I would expect you to add at least 20kg to your bench press even if you already press over 4 plates (180kg).

Convenient Professionally Pre-Programmed Templates

The bundle includes 2 sets of professional bench press templates, a volume bench press cycle and a peaking bench press cycle. The cycles consist of 3 separate blocks lasting 4 weeks each that is 12 weeks per cycle. The programs were created in spreadsheets using formulae to calculate the weights you are to use each week for you. All you have to do is type in your current estimated bench press max. The routines are programmed the same way I program for professional athletes preparing for important competitions which gives you the chance to train like a pro without hiring an expensive coach.


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