Winning Mindset Explained: How Piotr Strzala Became a World Champion in 6 Months

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Piotr Strzala 2022 World Champion certificate

A winning mindset is so important because it means having a positive attitude and believing in yourself. It means looking at the bright side of things and knowing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Having a winning mindset means being resilient when things get tough and never giving up on your dreams. It’s so important to have a winning mindset because it will help you overcome obstacles and achieve success.

When it comes to success, having the right mindset is key. A winning mindset is defined as a positive attitude and outlook toward achieving goals. People with a winning mindset believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. They are passionate and committed to their goals, and they never give up.

People with a winning mindset know that success takes hard work and dedication. They are willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve their goals. They don’t give up when things get tough, because they know that’s when the real progress is made.

If you want to be successful in anything you do, it’s important to have a winning mindset. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve great things. Be passionate about your goals, and never give up on them regardless of whether you’re aiming for a 100m sprint record or building a successful company. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Developing a winning mindset is a key factor of the Power Performance system that helps athletes and other motivated individuals realize their goals in sports, business, and life.

Winning Mindset Definition

A winning mindset is a belief system that allows an individual to take control of their thoughts and actions in order to achieve success. This mindset is based on the premise that success is attainable and within reach if the correct steps are taken. It allows the athletes to focus on the game and utilize the previously prepared go-forward plan. An individual with a winning mindset believes that they can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals. This positive attitude creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, wherein the individual’s actions and behaviors align with their expectations of success. A winning mindset is essential for anyone who wants to achieve greatness, as it instills the confidence and motivation needed to persevere through difficult times.

In sports, the winning mindset can be achieved through various meditation techniques that allow the athletes to focus on the game, while in business, more engaging techniques such as employee engagement activities can be utilized.

The Power of The Mind

It is often said that the mind is a powerful tool. This statement could not be truer when discussing Angela Duckworth’s book, Grit. In her book, Duckworth dives into the science of success and what it takes to achieve one’s goals.

One of the most interesting concepts she discusses is the power of mindset. She explains that having a growth mindset, or the belief that one’s abilities can be improved with effort, is essential for success. This is in contrast to a fixed mindset, which holds that abilities are predetermined and cannot be changed.

Duckworth provides countless examples of successful people who have achieved their goals through grit and determination. She also includes studies that show how having a growth mindset can lead to greater success in life.

Overall, Duckworth’s book provides insights into how the mind can be used to achieve success.

And how does this relate to the mindset techniques I used to make Piotr Strzala a world champion?

In just six short months, Polish athlete Piotr Strzala went from being a complete unknown to a world champion. His secret? The power of the mind.

Piotr Strzala credits much of his success to mental training, which he says helped him overcome difficulties and learn how to better manage his emotions. “It’s very important to be able to control your thoughts and focus on the task at hand,” he explains.

This focus and a positive mindset are what helped Piotr Strzala succeed where others have failed. It’s a key lesson for anyone looking to achieve their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem.

So what are you waiting for? Start training your mind today and you too could be a world champion in no time or at least achieve great things you never thought you were capable of!

The Power of Visualization

Piotr Strzala becomes the 2022 World Bench Press Champion

Piotr Strzala is a World Bench Press Champion. When he was younger, he used to compete in men’s physique but recently, he decided he wants to try competitive bench press. I decided to help him with his new goal and we immediately started working toward squeezing as much as we can out of him. This, obviously, had to include mental conditioning techniques.

When we started preparing for the upcoming GPC World Championships in Slovakia, Piotr would see himself pressing the weight, being congratulated by his friends and family, and being interviewed by reporters. This visualization helped him to stay motivated and focused on his goals.

Just as team athletes focus on the game, Piotr was focusing on the upcoming champions. We both knew that it was going to be a lifetime experience for him so we wanted to prepare as well as we can. Visualization techniques aided him in his success and allowed him to bench press 185kg at 56 years old which made him a 2022 World Bench Press Champion.

Now, Strzala still uses visualization to help him prepare for other competitions and even training sessions. He visualizes himself going to the gym and pressing the weight successfully. He sees himself making all the right moves and staying strong despite the fatigue. Piotr uses this as a source of his inner power. This visualization helps him to stay calm and confident during races, knowing that he has already won in his mind.

The power of visualization has helped Strzala to become one of the best bench pressers in the world. Visualization is a powerful tool that can help anyone achieve their goals.

Now, the point is, just as visualization helped Piotr, it can also help you!

When it comes to sports, visualization can be a powerful tool to help increase the chances of success. By picturing oneself succeeding in an event, it can help to create a mental image of what success looks like and how to achieve it. This in turn can lead to better focus and motivation, as well as improved performance.

Of course, visualization is not a guarantee of success and there are no guarantees in sports. However, visualizing oneself achieving one’s goals, can help boost confidence and set the stage for a successful outcome. What’s also important is that it can affect your hormones and this will have a direct impact on your performance, whether you believe it or not, it can help you achieve goals and improve your skills. Ask a bunch of sports psychologists and I’m sure they’ll all agree that the winning mentality is important.

Retroactive Enchantment

Retroactive enchantment is a technique I encountered in Peter J. Carroll’s books. It’s a technique that helped Piotr Strzala achieve a winning mindset. Retroactive enchantment is a mental conditioning technique that aims to change the future by amending the past.

What I did with Piotr, is I told him to convince himself he already won this specific competition a year ago and he’s just living the moment again. He arrived at the competition site well prepared, with a winning mentality, and a predator mindset. Hard work paid off and he managed to win but what’s even more interesting is that the retroactive enchantment technique “made him” (according to the Open Powerlifting website) 56 years old when he competed in August and 55 years old (exactly 1 year younger) when he competed in October. Screenshot below.

Piotr Strzala competition records

Strange coincidence, huh? That’s exactly what the power of the mind is capable of. It affects the reality around us.

Studies have shown that our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and influential. It’s responsible for a lot of our decision making, even when we’re not aware of it. So if we can train our subconscious mind to believe that something is going to happen, it’s more likely to happen.

If you want to learn more about manipulating your subconscious mind, I recommend reading about the collective unconscious, a term first introduced by a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung.

One Pointedness

When it comes to having success in life, it’s important to have the right mindset. There are two main types of mindsets – the prey mindset and the predator mindset. The prey mindset is when someone believes that they are powerless and that they can’t achieve their goals. This type of thinking will hold you back from reaching your full potential. On the other hand, the predator mindset is when someone believes that they are powerful and that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Guess which of them Piotr Strzala had during the competition.

This type of thinking will help you reach your goals and live a successful life. So which mindset do you want to have?

In meditation, we often talk about finding our “one pointedness.” This means that we focus on one thing and let go of everything else. Such meditation can be helpful in getting rid of the prey mindset.

To get rid of the prey mindset, you need to start thinking like a predator. Reverse the roles and become the hunter. When you’re hunting, you have to be very focused on your prey. You can’t let anything else distract you. You have to be in the moment and fully present. The same is true for meditation. We have to be very focused on our breath, our mantra, our mindset, or any focal point we’re using to meditate. We can’t let anything else distract us. We have to be in the moment and fully present.

The practice of meditation has been shown to be beneficial in achieving the flow state. One pointedness meditation, in particular, can help to focus the mind and achieve a sense of calm. This type of meditation involves focusing on a single object, such as a candle flame, a mantra, or the mindset you are trying to force on yourself. The key is to maintain focus while letting thoughts and distractions pass by without dwelling on them.

With regular practice, one pointedness meditation can help to train the mind to be more focused and present. In turn, this can lead to improved performance in activities that require concentration and focus, such as work tasks or sports. In addition, the flow state has been linked with increased creativity and well-being. Thus, by helping you achieve the flow state, one pointedness meditation can also enhance your overall quality of life.

The Importance of Developing a Winning Mindset

Piotr Strzala having a positive mindset before the competition

When you have a winning attitude, it means that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Having a winning attitude is important because it helps you stay positive and motivated, even when things are tough. A winning attitude also makes you more likable and attractive to others, which can help you in both your personal and professional life. Finally, developing a winning attitude can help you reach your goals and achieve success. So if you want to be happier, more successful, and more liked by others, start working on developing a winning attitude today.

It is important to develop a winning attitude because it will help you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and it will also make you a better thinker. According to Amy Morin LCSW, there are certain things that mentally strong people do and don’t do. This is because they realize that their comfort zone is just an illusion and that by pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, they will be able to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

When it comes to having a winning attitude, the comfort zone is the key. A lot of people tend to get comfortable with their thoughts and ways of doing things, but in order to be successful it is important to think outside the box and be open to new possibilities. Good habits are also essential for success; by developing positive habits such as time management and goal setting, you will increase your chances for success. It is also important to stay positive and focused on your goals; negative thinking will only hold you back from achieving your full potential. By keeping these things in mind, you can develop a winning attitude that will help you reach your goals.

The Mindset of a Winner: How to Think Like a Champion

A winner’s mindset is one of always looking for ways to improve and never being satisfied with mediocrity. A winner is a thinker who is constantly seeking out new information and trying to find better ways to do things. They have good habits like regular exercise and eating healthy foods. They also work hard and don’t give up easily. All of these things give them the best chance possible to succeed in whatever they do and this is exactly what Piotr Strzala was doing.

It takes more than just talent to be a champion. It takes a certain mindset. Champions think differently than the average person. They have good habits that they’ve developed through hard work. Here are some things that champions do differently:

They have positive self-talk. Champions know how to motivate themselves. They don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of their success.

They focus on their goals. Champions are laser-focused on what they want to achieve. They stay motivated and keep their eye on the prize.

They work hard. Champions aren’t afraid of hard work – in fact, they embrace it. They know that success comes from putting in the hours and putting forth the effort.

What Makes a Winner a Winner?

There is no one quality that makes a winner a winner. Instead, it is a combination of good habits that helps people succeed. For example, winners are usually organized and have a plan for how they will achieve their goals. They also set aside time each day to work on their goals, and they stick to their plan even when things get tough. Additionally, winners are usually good at communicating with other people and building relationships. They know how to ask for help when they need it and are always looking for ways to improve. Finally, winners never give up – even when they face setbacks, they keep going until they reach their goal.

Some say that our habits are our second nature. This means that good habits are almost as important as our natural instincts. They play a pivotal role in our lives, impacting everything we do.

Good habits help us to be more productive and efficient. They make us better people by instilling discipline and preventing us from making bad choices. Moreover, good habits help us to stay healthy and fit both physically and mentally.

The importance of good habits cannot be underestimated. We need to inculcate them from a young age so that we can lead a happy, fulfilled, and successful life.

The Difference Between Champions And The Other Competitors

In any competition, there are always winners and losers. However, what sets the winners apart from the other competitors is their mindset. Champions believe in themselves and their abilities, whereas the other competitors may doubt themselves or think that they are not good enough.

There is a big difference between champions and the other competitors. Champions are successful because they have certain qualities that others don’t have – one of them is mental resilience.

First of all, champions are very passionate about what they do. They have a strong desire to win and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. They are also very disciplined and focused. They know exactly what they want and they are willing to put in the hard work to get it.

Another important quality of champions is that they are always learning and improving. They are never satisfied with just being good enough. They strive to be the best by constantly challenging themselves and pushing themselves to the limit.

Lastly, champions have an unshakeable belief in themselves. No matter how difficult things get, they always believe that they can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.

Winning Mindset Explained: How to Develop a Winning Mindset?

Piotr Strzala training bench press in the gym

One of the most important things that successful people have in common is a winning mindset. This means having the right attitude and approach to life and work, and believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

When it comes to success, there is no one size fits all formula. However, there are certain mindsets that successful people tend to share. One of these is a growth mindset.

People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve and grow through effort and learning. This belief leads them to take on challenges and persist in the face of setbacks. They view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a personal defeat.

In if you want to know how to be satisfied with life, I can tell you that straight away. You need to have a growth mindset and continuously work on yourself. A growth mindset is a belief that one’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work, good strategy, and help from others. People with a growth mindset view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They believe that mistakes are part of the learning process.

People with a fixed mindset, on the other hand, believe that their abilities and intelligence are set in stone. They see challenges as threats to their ego and view mistakes as proof that they are not smart or talented. People with a fixed mindset tend to give up easily and are often unhappy with their lives.

People with a fixed mindset, believe that their talents and abilities are set in stone. They tend to avoid challenges and give up easily in the face of adversity. Failure is seen as a personal reflection of their lack of ability. In other words, people with a fixed mindset believe that their talents and abilities are predetermined. This often leads them to feeling not satisfied with life, as they feel they cannot change or improve their situation.

A fixed mindset can also lead to a negative view of others. People with this mindset may see others as threats, instead of potential friends or allies. This can make it difficult to form lasting relationships and can make life feel lonely and isolating.

Having a fixed mindset clearly has many drawbacks, but it’s important to remember that everyone has a different way of looking at the world. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and we should find ways to embrace both.

The good news is, you can develop a growth mindset regardless of your current beliefs. It takes time and effort, but it is possible.

So how can people develop a growth mindset? First, they need to be aware of their own self-talk.

People can develop a growth mindset by accepting challenges, embracing failures, and persisting in the face of setbacks. With a growth mindset, people can view their abilities as something that can be developed through effort and practice. Additionally, people with a growth mindset tend to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. By developing a growth mindset, people can set themselves up for success in all areas of their lives.

The Affordable Loss Principle

The affordable loss principle states that it is better to accept a small loss now in order to avoid a larger loss later. This principle can be applied to many areas of life, but it is especially relevant in the world of sports.

In sport, there is always the risk of injury. By accepting a small loss in the form of pain or discomfort now, we can avoid a larger loss later in the form of an injury that could sideline us for weeks or even months. This principle also applies to training; by pushing ourselves hard during training, we can avoid the larger losses that come from poor performance during competition.

When making any kind of move, it is important to calculate what you can lose before taking any action. This is especially true when it comes to high-stakes decisions that could have a major impact on your life. For example, Piotr Strzala decided to leave his men’s physique career to become the best bench presser in the world. He knew that there was a possibility he could lose everything he had worked so hard for, but he was willing to take the risk because he believed it was worth it.

In the end, things worked out well for Piotr and he became very successful. However, not everyone is as lucky as he was. There are many people who have made similar moves and ended up losing everything they had. Before making any kind of move, it is important to carefully consider all of the potential risks and rewards.

Remember, I am not asking you to resign from your dreams, I am merely asking you to be aware of potential losses and accept them before they come. This will help you prepare your mindset for whatever the future has “prepared” for you.

Set Goals

Piotr Strzala becoming a new British Bench Press Champion
Piotr Strzala becoming a new British Bench Press Champion approximately a month after winning the World Championships

The first thing you should start with should be setting end goals. A winning mentality is good but a winning mentality in itself won’t lead you to a specific place.

There are many things to consider when setting end goals. The first, and arguably most important, thing to do is to ensure that the goals are realistic. It is important to set goals that can be achieved within the set timeframe. Otherwise, it can be very discouraging and may lead to quitting altogether.

Another key consideration is what the goal will accomplish. For example, a common goal is to lose weight. But how much weight? And in what time frame? These are important details to figure out before setting the goal.

Finally, it is also important to have a plan for reaching the goal. This plan should include steps that will gradually get closer and closer to the desired outcome. without a plan, it can be easy to get sidetracked or give up altogether.

Create a Plan of Action

Piotr Strzala is a man who knows what he wants and goes after it with determination. When he sets his mind to something, he creates a plan of action and follows through with it until he achieves his goal. This determination has led him to success in many areas of his life, including his career and personal relationships.

Strzala is someone who others can count on to follow through on their commitments. He is reliable and trustworthy, two qualities that are essential in any good friend or partner. His friends know that they can count on him to be there for them, no matter what. In his career, Strzala has been able to achieve a high level of success due to his dedication and hard work.

Now, how can you mimic Piotr’s strategy and create an action plan yourself?

It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a plan of action. What works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some key steps that can help you create a plan of action that will work for you.

The first step is to identify your goals. What do you want to achieve? What are your long-term and short-term goals? Once you have identified your goals, you need to develop a strategy for how to achieve them. What steps do you need to take? What resources do you need?

The next step is to create a timeline. When do you want to achieve your goals? What deadlines do you need to set for yourself? This will help you stay on track and ensure that you are making progress toward your goals.

Always Have a Plan B

When it comes to our personal lives, it is always important to have a Plan B. This is because life is unpredictable and things don’t always go as we expect them to. Having a Plan B gives us a backup plan in case our first plan doesn’t work out.

For example, let’s say you are planning to go on vacation with your family. However, unexpected circumstances may arise that prevent you from going on the trip. If you only have one plan, then you will be stuck at home and won’t be able to enjoy your vacation. However, if you have a Plan B, then you can still go on vacation even if your first plan doesn’t work out.

There are many other examples where having a Plan B can be beneficial, for example, if you’re trying to decide whether to go to college or start a business, having a Plan B can help you feel more confident about your decision. If something goes wrong with your first plan, you always have a second plan to fall back on. Having a Plan B can also help you save money and time.

In conclusion, having a Plan B can be very beneficial in many different situations. It can help you be prepared for the unexpected and it can also help you stay calm and focused in stressful situations. If you don’t have a Plan B, you may want to consider creating one.

Monitor Your Progress

It is important to monitor your progress in anything you do in order to ensure that you are making the most of your efforts. This is especially true when working towards a goal. By monitoring your progress, you can identify any areas where you need to make adjustments in order to stay on track.

This is something that I have found to be very helpful in my own life. Whenever I am working toward a goal, I make sure to keep track of my progress along the way and we used exactly the same principle when working with Piotr. This helped us stay motivated and focused on what we needed to do. Additionally, it allowed us to see how far we have come and what we need to do in order to reach our goal.

I believe that everyone can benefit from monitoring their progress. It is a great way to stay on track and motivated while working towards a goal.

Be Introspective

Strzala believes that introspection is a key part of being human. He argues that by looking inward, we can better understand our own thoughts and emotions, as well as those of others. Through introspection, we can learn to empathize with others and see the world from their perspective.

It is important to be introspective in order to understand oneself. Without introspection, it would be difficult to know what motivates oneself and how to best grow as a person. Additionally, by being introspective, one can identify any areas where they may need improvement. Furthermore, through introspection, one can better monitor their thoughts and emotions so that they can respond in a more constructive way when challenges inevitably arise. Ultimately, those who are introspective are better equipped to manage their stress levels and lead more fulfilling lives.

Be Patient

One of the most important things in life is to be patient. Many things cannot be achieved without patience and it is a virtue that should be practiced by everyone.

Patience is important because it allows us to persevere through difficult times and achieve our goals. It is also a sign of maturity and wisdom. People who are patient are able to control their emotions and reactions, which makes them better able to deal with difficult situations.

Being patient also shows respect for others. When we are impatient, we often act out of frustration or anger, which can lead to arguments or hurt feelings. If we are patient, we can better manage our interactions with others and avoid conflict.

Overall, patience is an essential quality that everyone should strive to develop. It will not only help you in your personal life, but also in your professional life as well.

Think of Solutions Instead of Problems

Piotr Strzala was born in Poland and started his physical training routine many years ago. He was always into sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Strzala’s success can be attributed to his unique approach to solving solutions. Instead of focusing on the problems he faced, he always looked for solutions. This mindset allowed him to overcome obstacles and continue progressing toward his goals.

Today, Strzala is the strongest bench presser in the world. His story is an inspiration to anyone who faces challenges in their life. By thinking of solutions instead of problems, you too can achieve your dreams.

Piotr Strzala’s advice is to think of solutions instead of problems. This is because when we focus on problems, we tend to dwell on them and make them seem bigger than they are. However, when we think of solutions, we are more likely to find a way to solve the problem. For example, if you are having trouble with your car, you may be able to fix it yourself if you think of a solution instead of a problem. You may also be able to find a new route to work that is less traffic-prone if you think of a solution instead of a problem. In general, thinking of solutions instead of problems will help you find better results in life.

Be Open-Minded, Think Flexibly

It is difficult to be open-minded and think flexibly when the world constantly seems to be changing. It can be easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and close ourselves off from others. However, it is important to remember that we are all human and that we all have different perspectives. By being open-minded, we allow ourselves to see things from different angles and learn new things. Additionally, by thinking flexibly, we give ourselves the opportunity to change our mindset if needed.

While it may not always be easy, it is important to try and be open-minded and think flexibly. The more we close ourselves off, the harder it becomes to understand others and see the world for what it truly is.

Strzala’s experience demonstrates the importance of being open-minded and thinking flexibly. We must be willing to consider different points of view and to adapt our own beliefs in the face of new evidence or arguments. Only by remaining open-minded can we hope to find truth and justice in the world.

Practice Self-Control

There are many benefits to practicing self-control. When we have self-control, we are more likely to achieve our goals. We are also less likely to make impulsive decisions that we may later regret.

Self-control requires us to think before we act. We have to take the time to consider the potential consequences of our actions before we take them. This can be difficult, but it is worth it in the end.

Practicing self-control can be challenging, but it is definitely possible. Start by taking small steps. Try to resist the urge to do something that you know you shouldn’t do. With time and practice, it will become easier and easier to control yourself.

Be Confident

When Piotr Strzala first took up bench pressing, he was aiming to become a bench press champion from the start and that’s exactly what happened.

Strzala attributes his success to confidence. “You have to believe in yourself,” he says. “If you don’t, you’ll never reach your potential.”

Strzala’s advice is simple but powerful: be confident. It’s a quality that has served him well in his weightlifting career and one that can help anyone achieve their goals.

So if you’re looking to achieve something great, remember Strzala’s advice: be confident. Your self-confidence might be the key to success.

Small Incremental Progress

Piotr Strzala setting a new British Bench Press Record
Piotr Strzala beating his own British Bench Press Record by 2.5kg approximately a month after winning the GPC World Bench Press Championships

Piotr Strzala is a bench press champion who has made small, incremental progress over time to become the strongest athlete in the world.

Strzala began lifting weights when he was 28. He slowly started developing a passion for strength training. He competed in his first powerlifting competition at the age of 56 and won his weight class by setting a new British Bench Press Record.

Since then, Strzala has continued to make small, incremental progress in his lifting career. He has set multiple personal records and is widely considered to be one of the strongest men alive in his weight class.

Strzala attributes his success to his focus on making small, incremental progressions each and every day. He says that it’s important to never get discouraged or give up, even when the gains seem slow or nonexistent.

If you believe in the power of work-life balance, then that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll find yourself more productive at work and more fulfilled in your personal life.

The key is to maintain a healthy balance between the two. That means setting aside time for both work and play. It also means being present at the moment, whether you’re at work or at home. When you’re able to do that, you’ll be happier and more successful in both areas of your life.

Conclusion: Why Should You Start Developing a Winner Mindset Today

Piotr Strzala competing at the 2022 GPC World Championshipsjpg

If you’re not in the habit of thinking like a winner, it’s time to start. Today. Why? Because your success in life depends on it. Let’s look at an example. Piotr Strzala is a bench press champion. He didn’t become one overnight. It took him months of hard work and dedication. But he had something else working in his favor – a winner mindset.

Strzala believed in himself and his ability to achieve his goals. He was constantly visualizing himself becoming the best in the world. This positive self-talk and visualization helped him stay focused and motivated when things got tough. As a result, he achieved his dream of becoming a champion bench presser.

You can achieve your dreams too, but you need to have the right mindset.

In conclusion, developing a winning mindset is essential for success in any area of life. By setting goals and visualizing oneself realizing them, one can increase the chances of achieving them. In addition, by staying positive and taking action, one can develop the mindset needed to succeed. So start developing a winner mindset today by reading about mental conditioning and sports performance and see the success that follows.

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