Testimonials – PrimeXaos
  • Tomasz Zakrzewski

    I am a multiple Polish Powerlifting & Bench Press champion. I have been training for 24 years in total. I am happy that I can work with Daniel because we are utilizing training methods I've never heard of before. Despite training for strength only, I am able to maintain quality muscle mass and even pack on some meat while peaking my strength levels!

  • Mariusz Zebrowski

    I am an unaffiliated powerlifter. I have been training for about 20 years in total. I have been winning bodybuilding, bench press, powerlifting and other strength competitions. Daniel helped me to surpass my old records, front squat 280kg, deadlift 330kg and win Polish National WPC Deadlift Championships. I am satisfied with Daniel's coaching because with each training program we make progress either in strength or muscle mass.

  • Krystian Wolski

    I am an NPC IFBB PRO professional competitor. I worked with Daniel in 2020 when I was preparing to compete in the new IFBB Pro League season. I asked Daniel to help me with a new shoulders-priority training routine. I have reached my goal after 12 weeks of training and I was very satisfied with the results. I truly recommend Daniel as a coach.

  • Karol Prawdzik

    I've known Daniel for a couple of years. He has been helping me with my training for a long time. I like his training methods because they helped me to bench press 190kg naturally and progress my strength in other lifts as well.

  • Mateusz Donajski

    I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for a long time. After going through COVID, my pain has increased. Daniel has helped me by showing me various yoga exercises which allowed my core muscles to relax and decreased my pain. He also taught me how to meditate and utilize breathing techniques which made my condition better. His advice and approach significantly improved my situation, therefore, I can honestly say that I recommend his services.

  • Marcel Gielezy

    I am a kickboxing coach from Poland. I work with Daniel and make use of his complex knowledge and open mind. His training programmes supplement my martial arts career. I also use his methods when coaching my athletes. His strategies allow making fast progress in a short time.

  • Piotr Strzala

    I've met Daniel for the first time a long time ago. He impressed me because of his extraordinary diet approach. Since then, we have talked for many hours both online and live. His training knowledge is overwhelming. Many times have I used his advice and many times, I probably will again. He helped me the most in terms of developing my bench which is my favourite exercise. However, what's most important, Daniel belongs to the group of that few coaches who constantly develop their knowledge.

  • Sylwester Bigall

    I met Daniel when I had an injured (partially torn) quadriceps attachment. I decided to try his bioenergy therapy treatment as a form of alternative medicine since conventional medicine was not helping. Daniel gave me a treatment and told me how to use meditation techniques to speed up the recovery process. After roughly a week, my leg has gotten better and I was able to function in everyday life activities which left me quite shocked (in a positive way, that is). I am satisfied with the results and I have now signed up for his mental coaching course.

  • Szczepan Widera

    I have been training and competing in martial arts and strength sports for over 20 years. I was a member of the IPF National Team and have won many medals in powerlifting and arm-wrestling. I met Daniel a couple of years ago. He convinced me to start competing again and helped me to set many new records, win WPA World Deadlift Championships and break a world deadlift record. Thanks to him I am still able to improve my strength despite being inactive for the past couple of years and suffering from many serious injuries.

  • Andrzej Kolodziejczyk

    I have been training and consulting with Daniel ever since I have started competing and training professionally. With nearly every competition, we managed to hit a PR. Since we started working together, I have won countless medals on a national level including becoming a Polish Champion twice and World Champion once.

  • Bartosz Szczepankiewicz

    I am a Strongman and Powerlifting competitor. I've been into strength sports for over 5 years. I am satisfied with Daniel's coaching because of good contact and a training plan that was described in detail, took my weak links into the account and was adjusted to my lifestyle. We managed to improve my technique and increase my strength in a very short time period. Despite being a manual worker, I am fresh after completing Daniel's workouts and feel much better than I used to.

  • Krystian Muczynski

    I am a competing powerlifter and member of the IPF/EPF National Powerlifting Team. I have won countless cups, medals, championships and broke numerous records many of which Daniel helped me with. I have been invited to IPF World Championships when working with Daniel twice. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who expects professional approach, elite results and extraordinary solutions.

  • Artur Persak

    I have been training for over a decade. In 2018, I managed to become a finalist in Sopot Bodybuilding Championships. I worked with Daniel when I decided to reach my next goal which is to start in the Classic Physique category. During my first competition, I lacked leg and back development so I worked with Daniel on these aspects. We have also equated my structural balance which has resulted in strength increases. I'm very satisfied with what Daniel has to offer and I recommend him as a trainer.

  • Jakub Rohnka

    I am a professional volleyball player. I got intrigued by Daniel's article on mental conditioning that I found on the internet. I've decided to try that and started working with Daniel on the mental plane. My main goals were to increase my focus and emotional control during sports events. He always describes all the techniques in detail and gets back to me quickly when I need him. I am happy with his coaching methods.

  • Rafal Kaminski

    I can honestly recommend working with Daniel. Thanks to him I managed to noticeably increase my weakest lift (the bench press) which helped me reach another level in my sports career and reach the top 5 in Polish National IPF Powerlifting Championships.

  • Lukasz Kubik

    I am a competing powerlifter. I've been training for over 5 years. When training for strength, I have increased my total by 37.5kg under Daniel's guidance. When I was cutting down, Daniel helped me to lose almost 5kg in 10 weeks while simultaneously increasing my front squat by 10kg. He is a great coach and I am satisfied with his training advice.

  • Adrian Janecki

    I have been working with Daniel for 4 weeks now. All my athletes have gone up and I have PRed on the bench, pressing my first 140kg (3 plates). Daniel showed me how should I exercise to avoid overtraining and I am now switching to his professional offer and I'm expecting even better results.

  • Pawel Goral

    My name is Pawel. I am an amateur powerlifter and I've been training for 8 years in total. I worked with Daniel because I wanted to improve my squatting strength. I can honestly say that I was happy with his coaching. I was satisfied with the contact as whenever I needed help, Daniel replied back to me instantly. He clearly explained every detail of the programme and helped me squat my first 200kg and pull 230kg.

  • Ewelina Rogal

    I am a physical therapist. I have known Daniel for many years. He has always been helpful when it came to physical training, nutrition and rehab. We often exchange our experiences, and from what I've noticed, Daniel always has some innovative tricks to pull out his sleeve. I think he is a great coach and therapist.

  • Piotr Karelus

    My name is Piotr Karelus and I am a physio-student and massage therapist. I've known Daniel for a long time and have learnt many new innovative training methods from him since then. We often talk to each other about our experience regarding medical training for patients. Daniel has helped me many times and for each question, he always gave me an answer. I have used his training methods when I was recovering after knee surgery and I've regained my strength relatively fast.

  • Robert Tomaszewski

    I am a physiotherapy student. I first met Daniel in 2020. Daniel has helped me increase my knowledge about the rehabilitation process, and thanks to him, I have gathered a lot of reliable knowledge regarding resistance training. I reckon his professional approach and extraordinary methods are practical and efficient as they always result in instant improvements.

  • Mateusz Michalak

    I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach and I work mostly with combat athletes. I've been consulting with Daniel to expand my knowledge on the rehab & prehab approach and I was pleased with the outcomes. I have been taught techniques that allow instant and sustainable mobility increase and are completely painless for the client.

  • Grzegorz Pelutis

    I am an opera singer. I am required to stay in good physical and mental condition all the time. To fully control my voice and breathing technique, I need strong core muscles and godlike stamina. Working with Daniel allowed me to improve both of them. I'm now immune to stage-fright and I can sing and lift for days! Thanks to his guidance, I make progress in every aspect of life, including physical, of course.

  • Jakub Dmowski

    I value Daniel's professionalism and complex approach. He's helping me with physical training, mental conditioning, nutrition and teaches me how to relax after a stressful day. At the same time my mentor carries on with educating himself and puts the work in to make his tools better therefore his service quality is constantly improving which motivates me to do the same. I truly recommend Daniel and his services.

  • Adrian Bohn

    I have just started working with Daniel and I can say that just by judging the initial interview, I have received many practical training and nutritional cues to implement. All of them have worked instantly. Great contact, instant technical video-analysis of my lifts, and training designed to strengthen my weak points are definitely Daniel's strengths. I'm happy with the service and with the way Daniel told me to execute prescribed exercises. After going through the first week, I'm already noticing power increases. Thanks to this approach, I am really motivated to carry on with routine and I can't wait to hit my first PRs with Daniel.

  • Michal Tomczak

    I have been working with Daniel since May '21. It's quite challenging to describe the journey I've made so far in a couple of sentences as I gain from this relationship much more than I have anticipated. Daniel has tremendous knowledge, he's open-minded and he is constantly developing his knowledge. Each subject we focus on together gets a deeps analysis and exhausted which allows me not only to realise my own goals but also to gather knowledge.

  • Bazyli Kicia

    I have been working with coach Daniel for the past 4 months. My physique is getting leaner and I manage to make strength gains simultaneously. My mental health has also benefited from our cooperation. My mind is getting calmer and I am able to work more efficiently.

  • Jan Zych

    I've known Daniel for over 5 years now and I have been his client for around 4. Daniel was always a very helpful person and he was always there for me when I asked him for advice. I believe that Daniel is dedicated to coaching people and he loves what he's doing. I believe you can achieve much more working with him. If you're thinking about hiring a professional coach then Daniel is the way to go. His athletes have proven that many times.