Powerlifting Bundle


Powerlifting Programme Bundle includes:

  • 8-Week Peaking Routine
  • 12-Week Peaking Routine
  • Linear Twice-A-Week Powerlifting Routine
  • 12-Week Off-Season Functional Hypertrophy Training Routine
  • 8-Week Prehab Training Routine

Each routine consists of 2-4 training blocks



Fed up with ineffective training routines?
Want to try something REAL and take your training to the next level without hiring an expensive full-time coach?

…and if I told you that you can get a fully periodized 8-12 week training routine programmed by a professional for an equivalent of a 1-day gym pass?

Now you have the chance!
These routines will allow you to increase your strength, muscle mass, power and prepare you for upcoming all-out training periods!

The package includes 5 separate, fully periodized training routines for different occasions!

With this bundle, you will get 2 different peaking routines, an off-season functional muscle mass routine, prehab routine and minimalist low-frequency workout routine!
Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, these routines will suit your training style!
By combining different approaches, I came up with a universal training approach that can be used with athletes of any level of development.

Planning a met soon and want to blast out new PRs?

Pick one of the peaking routines! There are 2 of them! You can use one or the other depending on if you’re competing in 8 or 12 weeks!

Are you a busy man and can only work out 2 days a week?

No problem! I have a 2x a week training routine designed specifically for people like you!

Want to prepare yourself for subsequent training blocks and develop an injury-proof body?

Pick the 8-week prehab routine!

Want to build functional muscle mass?

Pick the off-season hypertrophy routine! Regardless of which routine you choose, you will get stronger, bigger, and improve your sports performance!

Stop wasting your time with unproductive workouts and get my training bundle now!

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