Functional Training Bundle – PrimeXaos


Functional Training Programme Bundle includes:

  • 2 Basic Routines
  • 2 Intermediate Routines
  • 2 Advanced Routines
  • 2 High-Frequency Off-Season Routines

Each programme is 8-12 weeks long



Do you want to get big, strong and athletic?
Do you want to increase your sports performance and destroy your opponents?
Do you want to increase your power, strength and muscle mass without losing functionality?

Then get this bundle of functional training routines that focus strictly on improving sports performance!

Training programmes within this bundle utilise only the most brutal and practical compound exercises that build raw power, strength, stamina and functionality. These routines have been designed specifically for contact athletes who want to increase their striking power, speed, mobility and athletic performance.

They will make you fast, bold, brutal and DANGEROUS!

Speed, power and strength are the most valuable training parameters for athletes like you. If you want to have the advantage over your opponents, you must be bigger, stronger, faster and most importantly, you must be able to generate more power.

Stop wasting your time on bullshit bodybuilding workouts that make you slow and immobile!

Forget old-school high-volume bodybuilding training regimes that focus solely on chasing muscle pump. They will not get you anywhere!
Focus on what you actually need, that is functional movements, power, brutality and speed. This training bundle will help you work on mentioned qualities, overcome your weaknesses and gain an advantage over your rivals.

These programs will make you a better athlete. Period.