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Daniel Domaradzki, mental conditioning coach

Common Questions

I work with success-hungry professionals who need to enhance their performance in business, life, or in sports. I coach mainly high-performance people striving to optimize their physical and mental performance as well as other key performance indicators along with general health and mental wellbeing. As a mental conditioning coach, I am eager to start working with any dedicated person who wants to grow their business or improve their quality of life, enhance their focus and alertness, cognitive functioning, or physical performance, reduce their stress levels and learn how to meditate so they can apply the mental conditioning protocols to achieve their goals in life. In simple terms, I work with people who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

I can improve your results in business, life, and in sports by teaching you how to control your mind and body. I can help you enhance your physical and mental performance by applying my unique mental conditioning protocols, optimizing your daily habits, realigning your mindset, improving your cognitive functioning, and providing you with a tailored growth plan along with the right supplementation and nutrition plan. On top of that, I can also help you achieve a better physique and improve your physical health along with mental well-being so you can live a happier and less stressful life. If by any chance, you find yourself injured, I can treat your pain (or teach you how to do it yourself) by using various rehabilitation techniques and prescribe you a set of rehab exercises so you can recover and get back to your usual routine as quickly as possible.

It’s a tangible performance growth system aimed at professionals who want to increase performance in the tasks of their choice. I created it after over two decades of practising ancient meditation methods. It allows you to reach your true potential by improving your recovery, controlling your bodily functions, aligning your mindset, optimising your routine, and enhancing your focus and awareness as well as strength, vitality and wellbeing. It utilises the tools and concepts from various systems and concentrates on re-programming the subconscious and conscious mind to positively impact your performance. Mental conditioning utilises advanced meditation techniques to improve performance in sports, business and in life by releasing the hidden powers of your mind and awakening your true energetic potential. My clients use mental conditioning to regain control over their lives, fight depression and anxiety, increase mental toughness, improve mental clarity, increase recovery rate, gain a strength boost and more. This system is very extensive and allows the adept to create their own techniques to suit their lifestyle, needs and goals.

As every person might need a different solution, I strongly believe that 1-on-1 sessions and ongoing support are superior to copy-paste protocols. My coaching system is very individual and relies on monthly consultations, real-time contact, constant support and ongoing mentorship so you can learn as you go. It covers mental conditioning practice, meditation, mindset, mental health and general wellness as well as physical training, nutrition, supplementation, rehab and prehab support. I typically start off the initial consultation to determine your goals and needs and then design an individual strategy for you to follow. We will stay in touch all the time so I can discuss your progress with you, answer your questions, point out the areas of concern and provide you with an appropriate strategy. You are also entitled to 1 in-person session with me every month.

My power performance program is an ongoing process aimed only at serious people. If you want to make a real change in your life and performance, I suggest preparing for at least a 12-week-long project because as you grow, new challenges will arise.

I will contact you at the given e-mail address within 7 days to arrange a suitable date and time. The consultation can be carried out in a form of either a video conference or voice call depending on your preferences.

If you wish to arrange an in-person session, please reach out to me by using the contact form. Also, note that all clients who join my power performance program are entitled to an in-person session with me once a month without any additional charges.

I am RQF qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist, Master Practitioner in Personal Training (Obesity, Diabetes and Low Back Pain Specialist), Exercise Referral Practitioner, and Health Care and Nutritional Therapist. I am legally allowed to lead people through the rehabilitation process, treat muscle injuries, give injury-prevention and healthcare advice, treat certain illnesses through diet and work with people referred to me by a doctor. I use this knowledge in conjunction with my meditation, mental conditioning and sports coaching experience to ensure that not just your mind but also your body stays strong and healthy.

In short, yes. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals including believing in yourself. Otherwise, we will be wasting each other’s time.

I am willing to work with anybody who is serious, committed to their goals and determined to succeed. The only two things I  will ask of you are to take it seriously and to believe in yourself.

Yes. Every e-book, program, etc. comes with 7 full days of support (counting from the moment of purchase). If you are unsure about any of the instructions provided or if you want to ask any questions regarding purchased products, simply ask your question in my exclusive Facebook group.

Prefer your personal details remain private? Don’t worry! In my group, you can post anonymously, meaning nobody will see your name. All you have to do is toggle on the anonymous posting option while writing.

If you know you can’t make it on time for your consultation, you can simply reschedule your session but you have to let me know at least 24 hours before. If you arrive late, we will simply have less time to discuss your situation as each session is bound to a previously set schedule and there are other clients waiting to be served. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I will mark the session as a no-show as I believe in mutual respect and I do my best to attend all the sessions prepared and on time and I expect the same from my customers.

Some banks set certain limits on card payments. This can be easily resolved by changing the limits in your banking app or by phoning the bank. However, if you’re having issues with your card, you can contact us to arrange another payment method and we will try to help you as much as we can.